About us

Our current IMI courses include;

  • IMI Level 1 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness. 
  • IMI Level 2 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities.
  • IMI Level 3 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement.
  • IMI Level 4  Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components.
  • IMI Level 2  Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management for Emergency and Recovery Personnel.
  • Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS) – Calibration (AOM 230).
  • IMI Level 1 ADAS Awareness
  • Wheel alignment.

We also offer a range of other courses including Welding, VDA, CPD training and bespoke training for your business. For more details, contact our training centre 01908 533590